Issue 34

Oct, 2020

The 34th edition of Tabayyun has been published by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies. This issue includes the following articles: "Bishara's Theory and the Horizons of Comparing Dynamics of Contemporary Islamic Religiosity Prolegomena in Light of the Crisis of Current Models" by Suhail Al Habib; "Borderwork: Towards a Different Reading of Zionism" by Ismail Nashef; "The Arab Australian Novel:Concerns of Identity and Belonging" by Nijmeh Hajjar; "Rationalism and the Political Imaginary in Modern Political Philosophy" by Manoubi Ghabbach; "Locke and The Question of Identity: From Theological Polemic to Practical Debate" by Mohamed Mounadi Idrissi; "The Theory of Literature, in the Light of Cultural Studies: Positioning, the Present, and Transformations" by Mohammed AL-mahjari; "Alternative and Multiple Modernities: Modernity Reconsidered" by Abderrahim El-Basri; and "Reading Al- Shāfiʿī in his Context: Toward a New Approach" by Abdulrahman Helali.

The issue also contains Zouheir Soukah's review of Freedom is Always and Exclusively Freedom for the One who Thinks Differently by Rosa Luxembourg

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