Advisory Board

Adonis Al-Akra

Lecturer at the Command and Staff College, Ministry of Defense, Lebanon, he has been a Visiting Professor at the Mexico University Institute

Elias Atallah

Professor of Arabic Lexicography at the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies

Bensalem Himmich

Intellectual and Author, former Minister of Culture, he holds a state doctorate in Philosophy from the University of Paris

Roshdi Rashed

Emeritus Director of Research (special class) at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) in Paris 

Rasheed El-Enany

Professor of Arabic and Comparative Literature at the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies

Ramzi al-Baalbaki

Chair of the Academic Board of the Doha Historical Dictionary of the Arabic Language and Jewett Professor of Arabic at the American University in Beirut

Said Bensaid Alaoui

Professor of Islamic and Western Political Thought, and Dean of the College of Arts and Humanities, Mohamed V University (1998-2006). 

Said Bengrad

Professor of Semiotics at Mohamed V University, Rabat, he holds a state doctorate in Semiotics from Meknes and third-cadre doctorate from the Sorbonne

Sabri Hafez

Professor of Arabic and Comparative Literature, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London (SOAS) and Editor of the online publication Kalima

Abdessalam Al-Massadi

Professor of Linguistics at the University of Tunis, Faculty of Arts and the Ecole Normale Superieur, from 1972 to 2005

Abdallah Mohammed Al-Jasmi

Chair of the Philosophy Department at the University of Kuwait

Aze-Eddine Bouchikhi

Director of the Doha Historical Dictionary of the Arabic Language under the auspices of the ACRPS.

Fathi Engazou

Professor in the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology, and Coordinator of the Anthropology Center and African Studies at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities in Sousse

Fathi Meskini

is a Tunisian researcher and translator. He studied philosophy in Tunisia and received his PhD in philosophy in 2003 with a thesis on Heidegger.

Fahmi Jadaan

A Jordanian intellectual who studied Philosophy at the Sorbonne where he obtained his PhD in Islamic Philosophy and Theology in 1968

Muhsin Jassim Al-Musawi

Professor of Arabic Literature and Comparative Cultural Studies, Columbia University, New York, and Editor of the Journal of Arabic Literature

Mohammed Bahloul

Professor at the University of Tunis specializing in Arabic civilization. He holds a state doctorate in Literature from Mannouba University, Tunisia

Mohammed Al-Amri

Retired University Professor, he holds a state doctorate from Mohamed V University, Morocco

Yaser Saleh Malley

Chair of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said's Chair for Modern Arabic Studies