Issue 21

Jul, 2017

The ACRPS has published the twenty first issue of its peer-reviewed, quarterly journal Tabayyun, a journal devoted to philosophy and cultural studies. This edition includes the following studies: “The Problematic of Ethics and the Means to Happiness in the Thought of Ibn al-Haytham” (Jalel Dridi); “The Epistle to Yemen: The National and Religious Propensity of Maimonides” (Hamdan Dammag); “On the Relationship Between the Sufi and the Philosopher: Ibn Arabi Mourning Ibn Rushd” (Mohammed Salah Bouchtalla); “The Theory of Literary Genre: Pedagogical Categorization or Cultural Conspiracy?” (Asmaa Essakouti) and “The Imaginary of the Colonial Era: Duality of Speech and Self-Rupture in Yasmin Khadra’s What the Day Owes the Night (Abdallah Chettah).
The Book Reviews section includes Talaat Farrag’s “Arab Occidentalism: Images of America in the Middle East” by Eid Mohamed, and Akeel Abdul-Hussein’s “Epics and Sedition” by Ali ibn Musa ibn Jaafar ibn Tawoos. This issue also includes a translation by Mohammed Amine Bendjilali of Mohammed Chaouki Zine’s article: “Maghrebian Public Space in France Today: The Vision of French Thinker Michel de Certeau”. 
The twenty first edition of Tabayyun also includes two reports: the first by Eid Mohamed and Talaat Farrag on the Middle East Studies Association's 50th Annual Meeting at Boston, Massachusetts, USA from November 17-20, 2016 and the second report on the Sixth Annual Conference on the Social Sciences and Humanities, “Ethics in Arab-Islamic Civilization” by Kamel Tirchi. 

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