Issue 30

Sep, 2019

​The 30th edition of Tabayyun has been published by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies. This issue includes the following articles: “On the Primacy of Understanding Over Method” by Azmi Bishara; “(Natural) Events and (Human) Actions: How Can we Understand the Relationship between the Natural and the Social?” by Raja Bahlul; “Social Philosophy: A Study of the Concept, Theory and Ties” by Zouaoui Beghoura; “Epistemological Consequences of the Fact/Value Dichotomy for Methodology of the Social Sciences” by Mounir Tibaoui; and “Humanities: Problems of Method and Strategic Studies to Achieve Human Objectives” by Habib Habbachi.

The issue also contains Mohamed Helmy Abdel Wahab’s review of Contemporary Perspectives of the Umma: An Analytical Study of the Umma in Modern and Contemporary Arab Thought by Nasif Nassar and Abdul-Hakim Shubat’s review of The Philosophy of Ibn Beja and its impact by George Zinati.

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