Issue 28

Apr, 2019

The 28th edition of Tabayyun has been published by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies. This issue includes a the following articles: “Nietzsche: Critical Sense as a Foundation of gaya scienza” by Mouldi Ezdini; “Art Criticism in Cultural Discourse Reading in Edward Said’s On Late Style”; “Cartesian Vision of the World and the Challenge of Moving to a New Conception” by Hicham Mabchour; and “The Waning of the Desert Era and Dawn of the Oil Age in the Work of Blind Poets in Arab Gulf Countries: Ṣaqr Al-Shabīb as an Example” by Ahmad Yousef Alfaraj. The issue also includes a review of Protest Speech: Analytical Study of the Civil Movement Slogans by Nader Siraj, undertaken by Nora Bouhennache and Imen Aloui’s review of Unveiling Resistance in Contemporary Women’s Art by Khalid Bin Al Manji Obeidah. A final review of Politische Theologie, by Carl Schmitt In Arabic Translation, is offered by Mustapha Chadli. The issue also includes a report on The Muwatin 24th Annual Conference "Seven Decades since the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: The History and Future of Human Rights and Palestine" 5-6 October 2018, prepared by researcher Raja Bahloul.

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