Issue 27

Feb, 2019

​The 27th edition of Tabayyun has been published by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies. This issue includes a special selection of articles on Ethics and Genomics, taking an Islamic perspective. This includes two ethics articles: “Sharia Scholars and Modern Medical Advancements: Ethical Challenges in the Age of Genomics as Example” by Mohammed Ghaly, and “The Ethical Limits of Genetic Intervention: Genetics in Philosophical and Fiqh Discourse” by Mu’taz Alkhatib. It also contains important Fiqh studies: “Genomics in the Light of Scriptural References in the Quran and Sunna” by Abdullah bin Yusuf al-Jedaie and “The Role of Genetic Testing in the Preservation of Lineage” by Mohammed Naeem Yassin.

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