Issue 18

Dec, 2016

The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies (ACRPS) has published the eighteenth issue of its peer reviewed, quarterly journal Tabayyun, a journal devoted to philosophy and cultural studies. This issue features the following articles:  Mounir Kchaou's " Secularization of Ethics and the Emergence of Conscience: A Comparison between the Western and Arab Contexts", Hussain Bokubar's "Michel Foucault's Concept of Civil Society: Between Technologies of Rule and Possibilities of Resistance", Kinda Samara's "Journalism and New Urbanity in the Arab world: A View of the 19th Century"; Honaida Ghanim's "On the Narrative of the Nakba: The Dialectic of Gender, Nationalism and Liberation in the Discourse of Palestinian Intellectuals in the 1948 Territory" and Abdelkrim Anayat's "Wisdom and City: Dialectic of Genealogy".

In the Discussions and Book Reviews, Zakariaa Essarti reviews "Intellectuals in Times of Historic Transformations: Role Conflict and Obstacles Hindering Alternatives Formation"; Hamzeh Al-Moustafa analyzes "The Islamic State and Jihad in the Age of Modernity: An Exploration of Contemporary Concepts and Experiences" and Istvan Kesckes explores "The Effect of the Second Language on the First Language: The Dual Language Approach- Kecskes, Istvan", translated by Waleed Alanati. From the library section includes Habib Habbachi's review of Newtonian Studies by Alexandre Koyré and Abderrahman Abouali's article on Alain Badiou's "Our Evil Has Deeper Roots: Reflections on the November 13, 2016 Massacres". Finally, the eighteenth issue of Tabayyun includes a report by Iyad Hafez on the Second International Conference on New Music Concepts (ICNMC 2016) –March 3-4, 2016, Treviso, Italy.

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