Issue 15

Feb, 2016

The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies (ACRPS) has published the fifteenth issue of its peer reviewed, quarterly journal Tabayyun, a journal devoted to philosophy and cultural studies. This edition includes Herman Parret's "Semiotics as a Paradigmatic Project in the History of Philosophy, translated by Abdelmajid Noussi; Bachir Rabouh's "Edward Said and Philosophy";  Mohamed Dahi's "The Borders of Imagination in the Experience of Jurji Zaydan";  Mohamed Houmam's "Linguistic Violence in Moroccan Political Discourse"; Nadim Mansouri's "The Spectacle of Violence via Modern Mediums of Communication",  Ali al-Saleh Moula's "The Culture of Throat Slitting and the Profession of Beheading: Where is the Rationality?" and Abbas Alhaj Alamin's "The Violence of Language and the Language of Violence on the Sudanese Political Scene: Current Manifestations and Future Outcomes".

In this issue's from the library section, Driss El Khadraoui explores "The Role of the Critic and the Condition of Post-Modernity" (Review: The Death of the Critic by Ronan McDonald) while Mohammed Chouikha explores On History: Tariq Ali and Oliver Stone in Conversation by Tariq Ali and Oliver Stone. In "Discussion and Book Reviews" this edition features Wajih Kawtharani's "A reading of Azmi Bishara's Project (2): Secularism and Secularization: The Intellectual Process", Bouchaib Souiri's "The Other as a Catalyst to Know the Ego in the European Journey" and Antoine Danchin's "Human Life According to the Logic of Physics and Biology" (Review: What is Life?  by Erwin Schrödinger). 

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