Issue 11

Jan, 2015

​The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies (ACRPS) has published the eleventh issue of its peer reviewed, quarterly journal Tabayyun, a journal devoted to philosophy and cultural studies. This edition features the following articles: "The Question of Modernity in Heidegger's Thought: Between Praise and Lament for the Modern World" (Mohammed Sabila); "The Philosophical Foundations of the Concept of Transitional Justice" (Moulay Ahmed Moulay Abdelkarim); "The Authority of Discourse in Cyberspace: A Reading of the Logic of Virtual Power" (Moustafa Bouqaddour); "Ordering Language in Structural Linguistics" (Muhammad Al Fathi); Khaled El-Bahri's "Bergson's Creation and Values or What Use does God Have for Us?".

From the regular library section this edition includes Immanuel Kant's "On 'The Deduction of the Pure Concepts of the Understanding'", (The Critique of Pure Reason, translated into Arabic by Zaki Baydoun). In the Discussions and Book Reviews, Rachid Alaoui studies "The Human Condition and the Problem of Evil: Arendt's Concept of Political Evil," Mahmoud Dhaouadi explores "Ibn Khaldun on Fracturing of Cultural Partisanship (Assabiyat) and Identity of the Arab Nation", Antony Reading writes "Meaningful Information: The Bridge Between Biology, Brain and Behavior. translated into Arabic by Saber Habacha, and Mustapha Ait Kharouach reviews the main Religion and Secularism in Historical Context by Azmi Bishara. Finally, the eleventh issue of Tabayyun features a report written by Brahim El-Kadiri Boutchich on The Third International Conference on the "World of Islam: Society, History, Culture" held in Moscow October 22-24, 2014

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