Issue 29

Jul, 2019

The 29th edition of Tabayyun has been published by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies. This issue includes the following articles: “Between Rationality and Ethicalness: Ibn Arabi’s Path to Good Ethics?” by Abderrezak Belagrouz; “Fact and Fiction in Holocaust Literature A Comparison between Anne Frank and Settela Steinbach” by Hajjaj Abu Jabr; “Corbin Beyond Heidegger: Between Death and the Infinite” by Frank Darwiche; “The Enlightenment From Ernst Cassirer’s Perspective” by Fouad Makhoukh; “Polyphony and Dialogism of Discourse in the Novel According to Bakhtin: Manifestations and Significance” by Rachid Oudija; “Marx’s Concept of Freedom” by Wasim Abu Fasha; “Civil and Rural Contexts in Fictional Narratives (Study of Biases in Imagery/Portrayal)” by Luai Ali Khalil; “Definition of Madrasa” by Hassan Assouik; and finally “On the Existentialism of Abdel Rahman Badawi and al-Jabri’s Critique: The Meaning of Nothingness and the Centrality of Time” by Anas Nassief.

The issue also contains Layachi EL Habbouch’s translation of “The Dislocations of Cultural Translation” by Robert J. C. Young as well as Nabih Bashir’s review of They Too Are Called Humans: Gentiles in the Eyes of Maimonides and Bachir Rabbouh’s review of German Teacher: Heidegger and his Age by Rudiger Safransky.

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