Issue 3

Jan, 2013

The third issue focuses on "the Constitution in Modern Arab Thought" and includes the following papers: "The Ottoman Tanzimat and the Constitution: The Beginnings of Constitutional Thought, Text, Application, and Conceptualization" (Wajih Kawtharani); "Islamists in a State of Transition: A Case Study of Morocco's Justice and Development Party" (Mohamed Jabroun);  "The Aftermath of the Arab Revolutions: Religious Reform and Secularism" (Kamal Abdellatif); "The Constitutional Question: History and Challenges" (Suleiman Takieddine); "Managing Religious and Cultural Pluralism in the Rulings of Arab Constitutional Courts and Assemblies" (Antoine Nasri Messara's); "Wasatiyah and Fiqh in the Islamic State: A Critical Reading" (Moataz al Khatib);  "The Tunisian Constitution: The Birth and Evolution of an Idea" (Omar Boubakri);  "Egypt's 1923 Constitution: A Constitution of National Unity" (Ali Afifi Ali Ghazi). Also in this publication, Tabayyun features the following studies:  Amr al-Shalqani's, "The People Demand the Execution of Lawyers: Al-Sanhuri, Between Law and Revolution (1952-1954)", Mohammed Jamal Barout's "The 1919-1920 Syrian General Congress and Syria's First Constitution: Context, Evolution, Functions, and Challenges", and Yahia Boulahia's "The Press and the Constitutional Question in Morocco prior to the French Protectorate in 1912".

Finally, the section on "Discussions and Book Reviews" includes Souhail Lahbib's "Azmi Bishara's Vision for an Arab Democratic Transition: A Comparative Study on the Conditions Required for Democracy", Walid Noueihed's "The Ikhwân al-Safâ' [or "Brethren of Purity"] and Religious Pluraty according to Epistle 42 on Views and Religions", Abdelhakim Aboulloz's "The Constitutionality of Shura", Sami al-Obaidi's "The Formation of Modern Iraq" (through the review of The Structure of Modern Iraq: Its Political Intellectual Impact (1869-1914). In closing, the third issue of Tabayyun includes a report on the symposium held in Doha on the "Egyptian Constitution and the Transitional Phase Toward Democracy," November 24, 2012.

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