Issue 26

Nov, 2018

The ACRPS is pleased to announce the publication of the twenty-sixth issue of its peer-reviewed journal Tabayyun. This issue includes Mohamed Bouazza's "The Formation of Identity in the Context of Colonialism," Abdelwahab Souissa's "Arguing for Work Ethic: Popular Proverbs in Tunisia," Khaled Kammoumi's "Emersion Through Reception: a Reading of Heidegger in Arabic," Mu'taz Alkhatib's "Introduction to the Study of the History of Ethical Thought in Egypt in the Context of Reform and Renaissance Projects," and a translation of E.J. Hobsbawm's "Gramsci and Political Theory" by Mahmoud Haddoud.

The issue also contains three book reviews, considering Karl Popper's The Two Fundamental Problems of the Theory of Knowledge, by Mounir Tibaoui, Raja Bahlul's The Discourse of Dignity and Human Rights, by Zwawu Beghoura, and Human Rights on Trial - A Genealogy of Democratic Skepticism, by Mounir Kchou.

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