Issue 8

Apr, 2014

​The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies (ACRPS) has published the eighth issue of its peer reviewed, quarterly journal Tabayyun, a journal devoted to philosophy and cultural studies. This issue features the following contributions: "Abdallah Laroui: An Intellectual in Perspective" (Yahya Bin Walid); "The Concept of World View as a Procedural Tool for Reading the History of Philosophical Thought" (Eltayeb Bouazza); "Divine Absence in the Thought of Martin Heidegger," (Mouchir Bassil Aoun); "Snares of Migrant Modernity," (Abdel Aleem Ali);  "The End of Small Narratives: Transcending the Postmodernist Thesis"  (Nader Kadhim); "Awareness of the Present and Prediction of the Future in the Tunisian Novel," (Mahmoud Tarchouna);  "The Hermeneutics of the Human Act," (Mostafa Aref); "Disease: An Ethical Hermeneutic Approach," (Nasser Amarah and "The Constitutional Question and the Problem of Democratic Transition: The Case of Morocco," (Jaouad Rabaa).  

In the issue's from the library section Jean Molino's article "Stages of Hermenutics," translated by Abboud Kassouha, is included. In "Book Reviews," the issue features a review of Kamal Terci's Arabic translation of Jean Grondin's book  , and Marlene Nasr's translation of Laure Girgis's book on "Digging into the Process of Turning a Community into a Minority (Review: Les coptes d'Egypte: violences communautaires et transformations politiques, 2005-2012).

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