Issue 48

May, 2024

The 48th issue of Tabayyun has been published by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies and the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies. This issue includes the following articles: "Deliberative Democracy According to Habermas: Between the Demand for Consensus and the Reality of Civil Disobedience" by Belgacem Krissaane; "The Concept of Total Institution According to Erving Goffman: Power, Mortification, and Resistance" by Farouk Tahri; " The State of Exception and the Homo Sacer According to Giorgio Agamben" by Mohamed Hedi Omri; "Truth or Hope: Philosophy, Literature, and the Value of Irony in Richard Rorty's Neo–Pragmatism" by Taoufik Faizi; "Andalusian Nostalgia: Its Archaeology and Ego in the Mirror of its Past" by Mounir Kchaou; and "On Conspiracy Theory" by Mekki Saadallah; "Giambattista Vico and Event Hermeneutics" by Ahmed Daboubi; and "On Conspiracy Theory" by Mekki Saadallah.


Michael Medhat Youssef provides the issue with a translation of Margaret Canovan's "On Being Economical with the Truth: Some Liberal Reflections". This edition also contains Tarek Azizeh's review of The Populist Century: History, Theory, Critique by Azmi Bishara, and Ghazwan Arslan's review of The Poverty of Theory: Interrogating Cultural Studies by Wahid Ben Bouaziz.

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