Issue 38

Nov, 2021

The 38th edition of Tabayyun has been published by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies. This issue includes the following articles: "Civil Society and the State in the Global South: What is the Added-Value of the book Civil Society: A Critical Study for Global South Studies?" by Mohammed Hemchi; "'The State of All Citizens': From Ideological Neglect to the Pangs of Formation in the Context of Post-Arab Revolutions" by Souhail Hbaieb; "The Critical Nietzchean Perspective on Modern Democracy and its Public" by Mouldi Ezdini; Research Ethics Review: Its Need and Ethical Limitations in the Arab Context" by Mudar Kassis, Maher Hashweh and Rita Giacaman; "Health and Ethics: The Moral Maturity of Medical Practice" by Naceur Amara; "The "Linguistic Turn" in the 20th Century: Its Impact on the Study of History and Relevance to the Understanding of Pre-Modern Muslim Historians of the Nature and Role of Language" by Amr Osman; and "Multiple Spaces, Renewed Mobilizations: Conceptual and Stylistic Transformations in the Visual Arts and Architecture in Sudan 1980-2010" by Shama Elrasheed Babeker.

Youssef Madrari provides this issue with a translation of "Ibn Taymiyya's Use of Ibn Rushd to Refute the Incorporealism of Fakhr al-Din al-Razi" by Jon Hoover, while Abdelaziz Rekah provides a translation of "Moral Stages and Moralization: The Cognitive-Developmental Approach of Lawrence Kohlberg" by Lawrence Kohlberg. The issue includes two book reviews: Abdelkrim Anayat Review of Mediocracy by Alain Deneault and Mohammed Mourchid's review of Arab Modernities: From Modernity to Globalization by Khalid Zekri.

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