Issue 25

Jul, 2018

The twenty-fifth edition of Tabayyun, an Arabic language quarterly journal devoted to philosophy, critical theory and cultural studies was published by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies in July, 2018. Papers carried in this edition include “The Dialectic of Transcendence and Immanence in Modern Philosophy: Spinoza’s Critique of Aristotelian Origin and Cartesian Principles of Divine Transcendence,” by Hassan Slimani; “Hannah Arendt and the Critique of the Philosophical Conception of Freedom,” by Mustapha Chadli; “The Ash'arite Attitude towards Averroes and his Kashf: Did Ash’arism Cause the Downfall of Averroism?”; “Happiness in Al–Farabi’s Thought: Theory and Practice,” by Said Jabbali; “Formal Representation of the Morphological Structure of the Arabic Verb,” by Mohammed Balboul; and “The Bedouin Woman in the Writings of Western Travelers,” by Aly Afify Aly Ghazi. 
This edition also carries two Arabic language book reviews: Ahmed Qassem Hussein’s review of the Arabic translation of Mill by Frederic Rosen and Brahim El Kadiri Boutchich’s review of The Arabs in the Age of Great Revisions by Kamal Abdullatif.

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