Issue 24

Apr, 2018

​Published by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies, the 24th edition of Tabayyun, an Arabic language journal devoted to critical theory, cultural studies and philosophy, has been released. Papers in this latest edition include: “On the Subject: From Hegel to Kierkegaard”, by Chabha Bouarab; “Arabic Glass Graphics Image-Text Entanglement (The Tunisian Blog)”, by Khélil Gouia; “The Nation of the Two Palm Trees: Arab Identity as a Contextual Phenomenon,” by Mohamed El-Moctar El-Shinqiti; “Towards a Common Universal Ethic: Putnam, Habermas, and Taha Abdurrahman,” by Abdelkader Mellouk; “Explaining the Relegation of the Social Sciences, Humanities and the Arts in the Arab Region,” by Ahmad Zaheddine Obiedat; “On Meta-Bioethics: Towards an Ontological Interpretation and Ethic for the Bodily Human Existence” by Moulay Ahmed Moulay Abdelkarim. This edition also includes Yousef Ben Adi’s Review of The Self in Arab-Islamic Thought by Mohammed Al-Mesbahi, as well as Ahmad Moufleh’s review of Palestinian Periodicals Published in Lebanon from 1948 to 2014: A Bibliographic Study, by Ahmad Taleb.

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