Issue 23

Jan, 2018

Published by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies, the 23rd edition of Tabayyun, an Arabic language journal devoted to critical theory, cultural studies and philosophy,  Papers included in this latest edition include: “Paul Ricoeur: A Reading of Emmanuel Mounier’s Personalism,” by Brahim Mjidila; “Religion and Reason, or: Hume’s Critique of Religion,” by Hamadi Anouar; “Ironic fiction: Claiming Truths and the Widening of the Reach of Paradoxes,” by Rachid Talal; “Literary Texts from the Perspective of Contemporary Literary Theory: Hermeneutics and the Stakes of Cultural Studies,” by Ahmed Eljorty; “The Spirit of Religious Reform in the Philosophy of Kierkegaard,” Hicham Mabchor; “Western Modernity and its Various Conceptualizations in Contemporary Arab Thought: A comparative Study of Abdullah al-Arawi and Taha Abdel Rahman,” by Abdelhalim Mahour Bacha.
Book reviews carried in this edition include :Saja Torman’s review of Arab Dawn: Arab Youth and the Demographic Dividend They Will Bring written by Bessma Momani .Nerouz Satik’s review of Archipelagos Postmodern Human Self-Bets: From Intellectual Isolation to Emancipation written by Mohamed Bekkai.

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