Issue 4

Apr, 2013

The fourth issue focuses on "The Constitution in Modern Arab Thought," the second part of a dual-issue started in Issue 3, which focused on historical issues. Research papers included in this issue are: "Managing Religious and Cultural Pluralism in the Rulings of Arab Constitutional Courts and Assemblies" (Antoine Messara); "Constitutional Design for Divided Societies" (Arend Liebhart); "Egypt on the Threshold of the Second Republic" (Muhammad Taha Aliwa); "The Rule of Law as Enshrined in the Syrian Constitution: An Analysis of the 1973 and 2012 Constitutional Texts" (Faeq Haweja); "A Reading of Morocco's New Constitution" (Mohammed Maleki); "The Moroccan Constitution of 2011 in Light of the Arab Spring: The Dialectic of Permanence and Change" (Mohammed al-Ghali). The essays in this issue include: Azmi Bishara's "On the Intellectual and Revolution"; Mazouz Abdelali's "Paths of Tolerance"; Tibi el-Ghomari's "Religion, Culture, and Globalization: Grounds for Dialogue or Division"; and Rasoul Mohammed Rasoul's "Signs in Thomas Hobbes Writings".

From the library section, the journal's editors have made available three rare texts. These include two lectures presented by Shakib Arslan in Damascus in 1937, titled "The Arab Scientific Renaissance in the Last Century" and "Arab Unity". The third, also a lecture, is Qadri Hafez Touqan's presentation of "Jamal al-Din al-Afghani: His Views, his Struggle, and his Impact on the East Renaissance (1947). Also included in this section are two critical, and thorough, book reviews: Nader Kadhem's review of a set of Arabic publications related to the question of civil society and democratic transition and Haitham Muzahem's review of Clifford Geertz's The Interpretation of Cultures. In closing, the fourth issue of Tabayyun includes a report on the Second Annual Conference on the Social Sciences and Humanities "What is Justice Today?", which the ACRPS convened and hosted in Doha from March 30-31, 2013.

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