Issue 42

Oct, 2022

The 42nd issue of Tabayyun has been published by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies and the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies. This issue includes the following articles: "Richard Rorty's Political Pragmatism between Liberal Utopias and Ironism" by Djedidi Mohamed; "What is Political Philosophy? A Study of the Concept and its Limits in Charles Larmore's Thought" by Zwawi Beghoura; "The Capability Approach: From Sen to Nussbaum" by Sari Nusseibeh; "The Problem of Citizenship and Cultural Identity between Habermas and Nassar: Comparative Study of European and Lebanese Realities," by Abdalrahman Al Sholi; "On the Morality of Secession: Buchanan and Fact-Sensitive Secession" by Bassam Nasser.

Hajjaj Abu Jabr provides the issue with a translation of Isaiah Berlin's "Does Political Theory Still Exist?"

The issue also contains Kamel Terchi's review of Civil Society: A Critical Study by Azmi Bishara, and Nofal Hajj Latif's review of Lectures on the History of Political Philosophy by John Rawls, and Abdul Salam Al-Kikli's review of What is Liberalism? Ethics, Politics, Society by Katherine Odar.

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