Issue 33

Jul, 2020

The 33rd edition of Tabayyun has been published by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies. This Special Issue is titled from "Memory" to "Memory Studies": Interdisciplinary Arab Approaches" and includes the following articles: "Memory from the Perspective of the Historian" by Wajih Kawtharani; "Memory of Place: Names of Palestinian Towns and Villages between Historical Continuity and Zionist Eradication" by Muhammad Maraqten; ""Our Heritage is the Universe": Fragments of a Discourse on Forgetting" by Rachid Boutayeb; "From History to the Novel: Collective Memory as a Source of Narration" by Driss El khadraoui; and "Transitional Justice Discourse in Tunisia and the Construction of Categories: The Matrix of Time/ Place/Body/Memory" by Sofia Hanezla.

The issue also contains Translation of Pierre Nora's paper "L'avènement mondial de la mémoire" [The Global Rise of Remembrance] by Mirvat Abou Khalil and of  Sobhi Al–Zobaidi's paper "Digital Nomads: Between Homepages and Homelands" by Abdul–Rahim Al–Shaikh. Rachid El Khadiri offers a Book Review of Memory as the Narrative Haven: A Reading of Ahlam Mostaghanemi's Novel Series by Abdulkhaleq Amrawi while Zouheir Soukah finishes the issue with a review of On Collective Memory by Maurice Halbwachs.

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